I have to share a confession with you. One of the things I hate is during meal prep is: Washing dishes.

In our TWT nutrition challenge group this week, we talked about cooking and meal prepping techniques to use in order to avoid destroying the kitchen and dirtying every pot and pan you own. Here are a couple tips that may help condense your cooking:

1. Use the same baking sheet to cook all your food items. Separate each item with a foil packet or parchment paper to avoid mixing flavors. In the same pan, you can bake broccoli, sweet potatoes and cod.
Use this method as an extra low-calorie flavor boost to your proteins. Place your fish of choice on a large parchment paper square, add lemon juice and salt pepper to taste, then fold the paper to cover. You get perfect, mess-free, pockets of flavor!

2. Use the same container you are cooking in to store your food in the fridge. I recently acquired these awesome glass containers that can easily heat up to 400+ degrees in the oven and have their own lid. Once the food has cooled to room temperature, they can be covered and placed in the fridge/freezer for later use. This method avoids transferring food from one container to the other – aka avoid getting more dishes dirty.

3. Use a crock pot/ Instant Pot. I have yet to invest in one of these, but my clients tell me it is wonderful! Throw all your ingredients in one pot and let it be for a couple of hours. You can also use a regular stovetop pot, but keep in mind the cooking time may vary.

4. Large batch cooking. Pick a staple item and make a big batch of it on your “meal prep day”. Use this item throughout the week in different recipes and preparations. For example, if you cook 4 lbs of ground turkey on Sunday, you can use it at least four different times throughout the week for the following meals:
Day one: zucchini lasagna
Day two: taco bowls
Day three: on top of whole wheat pasta or zucchini noodles
Day four: turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers

Happy cooking everyone!

I’d love to hear from you! Email me at rebeca@healthystepsnutrition.com and share what tips you use to avoid washing dishes.